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Smiling child sitting in dental exam chair at Changing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Las Vegas, NVWhile the goal of pediatric dentists and general dentists is to prevent decay and tooth loss, sometimes that is not always possible. If your child has suffered from decay or other ailments that require the removal of a tooth (tooth extraction), then our professionals at Changing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV will turn their attention towards restorative dentistry treatments. All patients can benefit from restorative treatments, but this is especially true of children as they are still developing and need functional baby teeth to facilitate this progress.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is the field of dental treatment that focuses on repairing or replacing damaged teeth. The goal of restorative dentistry is to provide normal function and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Our team believes that these goals are intertwined and that both are equally important for a successful outcome.

Having a smile that functions properly will allow your child to hit normal hallmarks in terms of speech development. Speech delays caused by premature tooth loss can require long-term corrective action. However, these delays can often be avoided with prompt restoration.

In addition, your child’s baby teeth play a role in the development of new teeth. Without them, your child’s permanent teeth could grow improperly and require more advanced restoration later. Our team can reduce the risk of these types of delays with early restorative intervention.

Lastly, your child’s smile will be vital to their social interactions. While the loss of baby teeth is normal, premature tooth loss or tooth decay can hinder socialization for your child. Our professionals can provide your child with natural-looking restorations that give your child an immediate confidence boost.

What Procedures Are Considered Restorative?

Any procedure that focuses on improving or repairing the function of teeth can be considered restorative. If a treatment does more than prevent an ailment and serves a greater purpose than cosmetic improvements, then it is classified as restorative. Restorative treatments range from very simple to extremely involved multi-step interventions.

One of the most basic restorative procedures that your child may need is a filling. A filling is used when your child suffers from a small cavity and involves the removal of damaged material. The void is packed with a pliable material that protects their tooth from further damage.

A slightly more involved restorative treatment is a dental crown. Crowns are used when your child’s tooth is too damaged for a filling but does not need to be extracted. Crowns encapsulate the damaged tooth and protect it from further decay. They last for a long time and will protect your child’s tooth until the permanent tooth comes in.

If your child has already lost teeth too early, then a combination of treatments may be utilized. Bridges are used to fill the gap between teeth and are great for use on pediatric patients because they are painless. Space maintainers are another restorative treatment that serves to help guide teeth in when adjacent baby teeth have been removed due to decay.

If your child is in need of restorative treatment or is simply overdue for their first cleaning, then it is time to come see our professionals at Changing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV. You can schedule their appointment by calling our office at (702) 998-2840 today.


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