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Tooth Extractions
Las Vegas, NV

Row of wooden tooth shapes, one of which is being pulled out of the row by dental pliers at Changing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Las Vegas, NVRegular dental visits are crucial for our pediatric dentists to assess the state of your child’s oral health. Dental diseases and decay are treated properly when detected early on. This offers dentists ample time to execute preventive and restorative procedures which will guarantee that your child will not have to lose a tooth prematurely.

However, there comes a time when saving badly damaged or decayed teeth, possibly from a cavity, is no longer possible with regular treatments. When this happens, our pediatric dentists can recommend that your child’s tooth be extracted.

Another common reason for extracting children’s teeth is if there is overcrowding. Removing overcrowded teeth is common prior to orthodontic treatment, to assist the orthodontists in aligning your child’s teeth through the use of braces or aligners.

When you come see our pediatric dentists at Changing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry we will deliver safe and effective tooth extraction for your child.

What Is Tooth Extraction?

Extraction is the removal of a tooth, and can occur due to several factors. During your child’s visit, the dentist will review their dental state, and determine if removing the tooth is the best response. When this happens, we will prepare your child for a tooth extraction procedure.

When Is Extraction Necessary?

There are dental diseases that require the removal of a tooth. For instance, if your child’s tooth decay is incredibly severe, the dentist can determine that interventions such as placing a filling or crown will not save your child’s tooth. Since impacted teeth can be painful, extraction can be the only option to relieve the pain and discomfort that often accompanies an impacted tooth. Wisdom teeth can often become impacted and thus require removal. Our dentist may also suggest tooth extraction if your child has a seriously damaged or shattered tooth.

Our dentists at Changing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry are qualified and will suggest the strategy they know will be of the most benefit to your child.

Post Extraction

The most critical thing to do after your child has a tooth pulled is to arrange for the healing of the wound. To prevent infection, your child should maintain proper dental hygiene. Make sure to administer the pain medications that our dentist has advised. Biting on the gauze pad offered will be crucial in blood clot formation. It is ideal if the gauze is soaked for at least three or four hours. To minimize swelling, have your child apply an ice bag on their cheek in the area over the extraction site. This will assist in helping them relax and lessen discomfort. Although if pain continues do not hesitate to phone our dental experts and we will advise you on what to do.

Visit Us for Effective Care and Management

Call us to book an appointment and talk to our pediatric dentists about tooth extraction. At Changing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry we ensure to apply safe surgical protocols that safeguard your children’s oral and overall health. This is what you can expect to find from our dental clinic. Schedule an appointment by phoning us at (702) 998-2840.


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Call to book an appointment and talk to our pediatric dentists about tooth extraction. Schedule an appointment by phoning us today.
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